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"As I look forward to my college years at Beloit, I will always remember your helpful advice and guidance. I will forever be in your debt, thank you."
- C.M., Wyomissing, PA

Informed Educational Solutions "Thanks so much for all your help and kind words! We are so excited for her and we are extremely grateful for all you've done for our family."
- D.S., Reading PA

"I am so grateful to have such a wonderful person as you in my life. You have helped me so much, and I would not have been able to get through this process without you. Your helping me with all of the college stuff was one of the best things I have ever gotten, and I am excited to be going to Gettysburg with such a good financial aid package."
- P.O., Sinking Spring, PA

"Sarah and Carter were invaluable in assisting our daughter in gaining acceptance to boarding school. Their deep familiarity with the curriculum and character of each school we were considering, in addition to the nature of the student body, provided knowledgeable direction, advice, and support during the selection process; and their professional relationships with the respective schools' admission offices and their understanding of the type of student sought by those admission offices allowed our daughter to feel confident during the interview process. But, most importantly, Sarah and Carter invested a great deal of time in getting to know and understand our daughter--- her strengths and her weaknesses, her interests, and her personality--- in order to match our daughter with the school that would be the proper fit. We can't say enough about their professionalism and sincere dedication. The proof of the pudding is that our daughter loves her school and is enthused about meeting all of the challenges that she will confront there. Thank you, Sarah and Carter!"
- J.G., Oley, PA

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for us in the past year! I honestly don't think I could have gone through this process so confidently or ended up with so many incredible opportunities without you being right there to help me through it. You have been spectacular about answering every question, offering advice on every obnoxious essay, and easing every doubt I've had throughout the process. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done…"
- M.M., Nashville, TN

"Sarah was an invaluable resource for us during our recent college search/application journey. She quickly built a rapport and strong level of trust with my daughter, which was even more impressive since our contact was handled entirely via Skype and e-mail (!), and helped immensely with insights and advice throughout… especially with regard to the various essays that my daughter was struggling a bit with. We absolutely plan to work with Sarah again with daughter #2!"
- E.M., Nashville, TN

"Sarah was instrumental in the initial stage of our college search. The choice for colleges is vast. The QA Online allowed us to narrow our search and visit schools that would be a good match for our son. With everybody's busy schedules, her ability to Skype was great."
- M.R., Wayne, PA

"Thank you so much for all your help with the college process! From helping with ACTs and testing, to calling schools to give them a little push, everything you did helped me with my acceptances. Also thank you for giving me your vet's contact information. Spending the day with her definitely made me more interested in becoming a vet. After all of the choices I had, I decided to attend the University of Delaware next year. Thanks again."
- E.C., Berwyn, PA

"Our family made a difficult decision, late in the school year, that our son needed a different school. He had been in a private day prep-school for 12 years, but it was not a good fit for him. We were looking for a traditional boarding school with some study skills support and had the summer to find one. We decided we needed an educational consultant and found Sarah and Carter Reese's website. I first spoke to Sarah over the phone and immediately felt I had found the right professionals t help us find the right school for our son.We were very impressed in our first face-to-face meeting, and I remember Carter saying that he would focus on the highest academic school possible and not settle for second best, even if our search took until August! I thought this was the definition of a true advocate. After several weeks, lots of phone conversations and several meetings with Carter getting to know and coaching our son for his interview, we were successful in finding a great school that met almost all of our and our son's wish list. We look forward to working with Sarah and Carter again when it's time to look for colleges because we value their expertise." - R. R., Jeffersonville, PA

"Two years ago, my daughter decided that she wanted to finish her high schooling in the USA, for the sport mostly and the chance to start preparing for American college application closer to her desired choices. We needed help in getting her a last-minute place at one of three top Mid-Atlantic boarding schools. It was the summer before our daughter's Junior year, and there appeared to be no places available. Enter Sarah and Carter Reese... who mobilized their resources and contacts, deployed all their expertise. By the end of August, our daughter had got three out of three interviews, and was offered a place at two of these top schools. It was a very good and unexpected outcome. In the event, she decided to stay in the UK and now IES is back on the case re getting her into the Ivy League. They have been of key help at every stage. Fingers crossed for our kid!" - E. and C. Darvall, London, UK

"Three years prior to graduating from High School back in Spain, I started struggling. After in-depth analysis, Sarah and Carter identified what the issue was, and through their experience and hard work, they gave me the opportunity to enroll into the Mercersburg Academy, Pennsylvania, a place where I fitted perfectly and regained confidence in my abilities. (I will never forget this school.) Thanks to them I also managed to study in the US for two degrees. Today I have a great job as Global Process Consultant for Caterpiller Inc. With no doubt I would recommend anyone to put their education in Sarah and Carter's hands. I could neither be where I am nor dream about what I want to achieve without the path that the Reeses had me follow. I will always love you Sarah and Carter and never stop thanking you for how you changed my life's future." - I. Fornies, Madrid, Spain

"We knew about Sarah and Carter from friends, then needed them for all three of our childen - boarding schools and colleges!"
- C.J.F., Madrid, Spain

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