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IESolutions offers a range of pricing and programs to meet
the needs of our families.

Please contact us for specific information.

COUNSELING"How do we get started?"

The most important part of any trip is identifying where one wishes to go. Sarah and Carter Reese help clients sort through seemingly confusing options to create a clear plan - a road map - for the trip from adolescence to productive adulthood, a journey that passes one through key educational portals. From blue sky thinking to very specific, step-by-step planning, the Reeses work individually in person, over the phone, or by Skype. The full counseling package includes full oversight of every phase of admission process from self assessment, selection of institutions, testing strategy, visits, preparation of application and essays, making the final choice, and other details pertaining to the admission/financial aid process.
Prices available upon request.

Can you guide us?"

International students and their parents require particular expertise as they seek educational opportunities in the United States. IESolutions provides these families with an all-inclusive set of services specifically designed for them. (Any recommended tutoring, campus visits, testing etc. is at an additional charge.) Each aspect of the process is overseen with specific attention and follow-through, and the Reeses can additionally provide ongoing support once the student is placed and attending the chosen school.

EVALUATION"What are my strengths? How do I learn best?"

After examining test results and consulting with parents and student, the Reeses may recommend additional evaluations, both to measure strengths and to identify any areas of deficit. Assessments used may include a Wechsler Intelligence Scale, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and other aptitude and achievement instruments. All testing is conducted in strict confidence, and provides significant insight in drawing the road map. The cost, based on specific testing: $200-$2000.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT"Can I raise my SAT scores?
How do I get organized?"

Nearly every student can improve output by increasing study skills and developing strategies for learning in more efficient ways. IESolutions provides guidelines for tutoring in many areas, including increasing outside-of-school reading, ways of organizing information for writing papers, SAT and other test preparation, and methods to enable any student to do original research. Tutors can be identified locally, so that every student can have support close to home, but with a proven structure provided by IESolutions. Cost varies.

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