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QA Online: Your Blueprint For College Admission

QA ONLINE offers an important first step in defining a student's current status - a basis from which a plan for the future can be developed. Where do I stand? Where am I qualified to go from here? What more do I need to do to achieve my goals? When completed accurately, QA ONLINE can provide a fair and in-depth assessment of strengths and weaknesses, as well as a foundation for planning the next steps. The questions which follow may be completed by a parent or the student for those seeking secondary placement, and by the student for all applying to colleges or beyond.

Feel free to add anything additional on the extra page provided. Note that much of this information will be asked by institutions to which application will be made, so consider this a dry run, and keep a copy for your records!

Professional staff at IESolutions will base all recommendations upon the information provided by families and students. We cannot be responsible for assessments made from faulty, inaccurate, or wishful input from the respondent. All information will be kept in strict confidence. No guarantee of admission to any particular institution is expressed or implied. Recommendations will be predicated upon our best current knowledge of admission trends, specific institutional standards, and overall strength of the admissions pool in a given year.

The cost of QA is $400, and payment may be mailed or sent via our payment page. Price includes our assessment and research time plus up to one hour phone or local in person consultation. A member of the IESolutions staff will be in touch by email to arrange the consultation within one week of receipt of the QA.

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