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International Concierge Service

With a particular expertise and deep experience in working with international students and their families, Carter and Sarah Reese provide a full range of services for these clients. Our one price, full service fee covers everything from the initial phone/email/Skype consultation, any additional in person meetings, identification of appropriate schools/universities, all arrangements for campus visits and other travel details, assistance with scheduling appropriate testing, support with the details of the application process, to advising on final choices, assistance with the F-1 visa process, initial course selection, housing and other details to get the student ready to start at school or university.

Some international students may require English as a Second Language or other tutoring to prepare them for their studies in the U.S. While IESolutions can suggest the type of tutoring needed and provide detailed curricular input, the costs for tutoring are additional to the Concierge fee. Ongoing oversight and counseling for students once they are here in the U.S. is available for an additional fee.

Sarah Reese speaks Spanish fluently, and both of the Reeses have placed international students from Spain, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Russia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, India, Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and other countries into leading boarding schools, colleges, and universities in the United States.

Many international students consult the Reeses for assistance with the university transfer process. Since over one-third of all US university students transfer, it is a very effective way for international students to enter a more competitive university once English fluency is established. Students applying to transfer after two years on university generally do not need to submit SATs, but TOEFL scores and a strong GPA play a central role in successful transfer admission.

Meetings with international families can take place at our offices in Pennsylvania with accommodations provides by Solutions, or we are able to meet with client families in New York City, Philadelphia or other northeastern US gateway cities. However, most international families meet with us first, and throughout the process, by Skype.

One Year Full Concierge Service for School or University Placement: Price Available Upon Request.

One-Year Advising/Oversight for the Placed Student: Price Available Upon Request.

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